Robin Harris loves to paint.

Parrot Tulip
Spoonful of Roe
Keep Me in the Loop
Tea for One
Whisked away
Berried Treasure
Laying it on thick
Cherry pie
Cherry cheesecake
Pie a la mode
Spooning Fruit
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Side Eye
Moscow Mule
Island Breezes
Tequilla Two Ways
After Dinner Drinks
Hit me with your best shot
Old Fashioned Manhattan
Give Me Some Sugar
You wanna piece of me?
Move Over
I Want Candy
Dive Right In
Macarons and Milk
Hey Martini, Olive you
Here today gone tomato
Don't take me for pomegranate
That's enough, you can schnapp now
An apple a day...
A sardine out of water
That's one tough cookie
My spoon runneth over
Honey, I don't give a fig
Roe, roe, roe your boat
Who Stole the Cookie
All tarted up
You're one in a melon
For every blueberry some rain must fall
Home Grown Tomatoes
The fruit doesn't fall far from the cone
Have a drink on me
Strawberry Jam Forever
Mama's little baby loves rhubarb pie
Waiter, there is a fruit in my wine!
Macarontini 1
Macarontini 2
Macarontini 3
Cherry, Cherry Baby
Raspberry Fields
Hang on little tomato
They was a'splishin and a'splashin
Cherry Cherry you're hard to get
You were my thrill on blueberry hill
Raining Blueberries
Bye Bye Blueberry Pie...
I found my thrill
Buttercup don't break my heart
I eat the red one last
Put an egg on it
Ice cold cola
A kiss is just a kiss
Let me be your lifesaver
Spiral Warrior
Whiskey and Wine
Two Drunks
Red or White?
Jerry likes the way I do my corn
I gave my love a cherry
Yes, I know the Muffin Man
How sweet it is
Three of a Kind
Simply sangria
Shattered dreams
Sometimes you feel like a nut
Clouds in my coffee
They was a splishin' and a splashin'
And a lemon on the side please
If I could save time in a bottle
Wine into Water
Canadian Teapot
Lady Bug
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